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Washed in Los Angeles & hand finished in studio by Founder & Creative Director Ruben Campos JR

All of our bottoms are cut from a strong but soft 12oz. semi-stretch denim to ensure slim fitting comfort, without sacrificing durability.

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Mursaki Albus Short 334-092Mursaki Albus Short 334-092
Mursaki Albus Short 334-092 Sale priceFrom $149.95
Mursaki Von Short 334-086Mursaki Von Short 334-086
Mursaki Von Short 334-086 Sale priceFrom $149.95
Mursaki Dade Short 334-085Mursaki Dade Short 334-085
Mursaki Dade Short 334-085 Sale priceFrom $149.95
Mursaki Diego Short 334-087Mursaki Diego Short 334-087
Mursaki Diego Short 334-087 Sale priceFrom $149.95
Mursaki Ozzy Jean 333-190Mursaki Ozzy Jean 333-190
Mursaki Ozzy Jean 333-190 Sale priceFrom $159.95
Mursaki Onyx Jean 333-191Mursaki Onyx Jean 333-191
Mursaki Onyx Jean 333-191 Sale priceFrom $159.95
Mursaki Albus Jean 333-192Mursaki Albus Jean 333-192
Mursaki Albus Jean 333-192 Sale priceFrom $159.95
Mursaki F*** Off Jean Indigo w/ Splatter 333-189Mursaki F*** Off Jean Indigo w/ Splatter 333-189
Mursaki F*** Off Jean Black w/Splatter 333-188Mursaki F*** Off Jean Black w/Splatter 333-188
Mursaki Von Jean 331-186 - MursakiMursaki Von Jean 331-186 - Mursaki
Mursaki Von Jean 331-186 Sale priceFrom $159.95
Mursaki Diego Jean 331-187 - MursakiMursaki Diego Jean 331-187 - Mursaki
Mursaki Diego Jean 331-187 Sale priceFrom $159.95
Mursaki Dade Jean 331-185 - MursakiMursaki Dade Jean 331-185 - Mursaki
Mursaki Dade Jean 331-185 Sale priceFrom $124.95
Mursaki Studio Puff Print Jogger 320-765 - Mursaki
Mursaki Indigo Patched Jean 323-182P - MursakiMursaki Indigo Patched Jean 323-182P - Mursaki
Mursaki Washed Black Flare Jean 323-157FL - MursakiMursaki Washed Black Flare Jean 323-157FL - Mursaki
Mursaki Idris Jean 323-182 - MursakiMursaki Idris Jean 323-182 - Mursaki
Mursaki Idris Jean 323-182 Sale priceFrom $159.95