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Mursaki Denim Roses

Sale price$35.00

Rose Color:
  • Our First Ever Studio Made Collectible Item

Due to the roses being a pre-ordered handmade item we can not accept returns or exchanges - No Exceptions, These were made for you.

Limited Time Only

Pre-Orders Are Open

These Denim Roses are only available from 1/11/24-2/05/24

Orders must be placed within this time to ensure delivery by Valentines Day.

Available in 3 Colors..

Light Blue Denim

Made using our lightest washes since 2018 such as The Adonis, Andrew, Bishop, Orion, Wyatt, Russel Jeans & More

Light Blue Denim

Medium Blue Denim

Made using some of our best selling, Classic shades of blue.. The Kirk, Jaeger, Dom, Eli, Ozzy, Von Jean & many others!

Medium Blue Denim

Dark Blue Denim

The Kane, Dean, Dade, Radric, Carter Jeans are our darkest indigo rich styles used to craft these roses

Dark Blue Denim

Timeless Blues

A Forever Rose That'll Never Fade

Unlike traditional flowers, denim roses offer a lasting symbol of passion. Unique, elegant and timeless, they make for an unforgettable gesture.

From light washes to indigo rich raw denim. Each rose is hand crafted from the same luxury fabrics used in our best selling jeans.

Luxury Roses

Artisan Detail

100% crafted in-studio using off-cuts & scraps! Since 2018 we have collected over 400lbs of our own excess/scrap denim & repurposed it through bucket hats, masks, patchwork styles, appliques & underlays, custom work & house pieces for the studio!

Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between before and after photos.

Each rose is created by meticulously wrapping & layering ribbons of denim, while the stems are spun from commonly discarded side seams.

A perfect gift for anyone. Let her know your love is everlasting - Show him your timeless affection with a gift that reflects undying, eternal love.

Choose between

A Single rose, Trio or Half & Full Dozen Bouquets

*bouquets include side-seam bow

A Single Rose

The indescribably intimate single rose. Available in three colors - Light, Medium & Dark Blue Denim.

Trio Of Roses

Symbolizing the Connection, Romance & Passion had for one another - A Denim Rose as an everlasting reminder for each.

Available in in 3 colors or an equal mix of each.

Half & Full Dozen

Bouquet of Flowers - The classic & timeless gesture of affection. A Charming Bow is added to all half & full dozen bouquets.

Available in 3 Colors or an equal mix of each.