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Cancelled Orders

Why Did My Order Get Cancelled? 

There are numerous occasions where we, or our websites security system, may cancel an online order.


Our website automatically cancels orders that are flagged as fraudulent.

If your order was cancelled due to fraud and you believe this was a mistake, please email with the following information: Your order number, Photo ID, and a photo of the credit card you wish to use.*

*shipping/billing address must match ID and what is on record at your financial institution.


The most common reasons payments decline is incorrect info. Double check the card number, spelling on the address/your name, zip code, and cvc code.

If all of these are correct and your payment still does not go through please contact your financial institution.


You may have received a discount/promo code for our site, and upon using it your order was cancelled.

There are a handful of products we make that we do NOT allow to be discounted. For example, all of our Custom Striped Denim: Red Stripe, White Stripe, etc..

Items already on sale or may not have promo codes applied. We can not accept orders with more than one discount applied. No discount/promo stacking..

Other Items excluded from sales/discounts will have it listed in the product descriptions.


In these cases it's pretty straight forward. We do not have the item in-stock, feel free to reach back out VIA email and we'll try and find your pair/size at one of our authorized retailers.