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RIp & Repair

Tastefully Destroyed, Meticulously Repaired - Discover our favorite pieces reimagined with patches, studio made appliqués, Leather, Snake & more!


Black hickory denim, A specialty red stripe waxed leather & Green flannel. All repurposed into unique appliqués and underlays.


Choose your distress level! Shown in black or blue denim.. However snake patches are available on any in-stock style!


Put the team on your back.. Hand printed appliqués sewn onto our timeless blue or black denim.

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Mursaki Snake Patched Jean 323-1XX - MursakiMursaki Snake Patched Jean 323-1XX - Mursaki
Mursaki Indigo Patched Jean 323-182P - MursakiMursaki Indigo Patched Jean 323-182P - Mursaki
Mursaki Vert Jean 5 Year Deep Indigo 339-104Mursaki Vert Jean 5 Year Deep Indigo 339-104
Mursaki Vert Jean Rinse Black 339-105Mursaki Vert Jean Rinse Black 339-105
Mursaki Vert Jacket Rinse Black 339-405Mursaki Vert Jacket Rinse Black 339-405
Mursaki Vert Jean 10 Year Fade 339-104Mursaki Vert Jean 10 Year Fade 339-104
Mursaki Vert Jacket 10 Year Fade 339-404Mursaki Vert Jacket 10 Year Fade 339-404
Mursaki Snake Patched Jean - Black 330-1XXMursaki Snake Patched Jean - Black 330-1XX
Mursaki Snake Skin Jacket Black 330-4XXMursaki Snake Skin Jacket Black 330-4XX
Mursaki Hickory Repair Rinsed Black 33N-107Mursaki Hickory Repair Rinsed Black 33N-107
Mursaki Hickory Repair Jacket Rinsed Black 33N-407Mursaki Hickory Repair Jacket Rinsed Black 33N-407
Mursaki Vert Jean Rinse Indigo 339-102Mursaki Vert Jean Rinse Indigo 339-102
Mursaki Vert Jacket Rinse Indigo 339-402Mursaki Vert Jacket Rinse Indigo 339-402